A doggy day out in Largs

Frank the shih tzu puppy

Having the boyfriend and his two friendly shih tzus over for the weekend, I had to think what might entertain all four of us for the day.  Being fond of a trip to the seaside, we decided to opt for a day trip to Largs, travelling via the A737 and the Haylie Brae so we could stop off at the picnic spot just before we reached the town for a walk up the hill with the dogs.

I never get tired of the view from the hillside, watching the Millport ferry cross to and fro and the passing yachts.  The dogs were in heaven, probably rolling in sheep poo and other lovely things.

Then we descended into Largs.  Fortunately, this was still early in the season and the town was not as crazy busy as it tends to get in the middle of summer.  We had managed to work up an appetite, and headed for Nardini’s for some well-deserved ice cream.  Having found the main branch to be a bit crowded and noisy in the past, we headed for the smaller branch next to the Millport ferry terminal, which is not only a bit more cosy and quiet, but also allows well-behaved dogs on site.  Having told both Frank and Nancy to be on their best behaviour, we headed in.  I opted for one of their Peppermint Prowler sundaes, which basically involved lots of mint choc chip and vanilla ice cream, mint and chocolate sauces and lots of mint sugar bits. The sundaes always look so huge but somehow I always end up eating the lot. Everyone ended up happy and the pooches were worn out and didn’t try to steal anyone’s ice cream.

Peppermint Prowler Sundae


We couldn’t go home without stopping in at Sugar&Spice, a couple of doors down from the cafe, who have a fantastic selection of chocolates and spirits, including lots of marzipan and my favourite Arran Gold whisky liqueur, which I recently discovered on a tour of the distillery.

Sugar and Spice shop windowA short while later we were back at the flat and the dogs  flaked out on the sofa, probably dreaming happy things about sheep and ice cream.

Frank the shih tzu on the sofa

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